Baby’s first sniffles

Baby Girl has her first cold. She woke up this morning coughing & breathing bubbles out of her nose – which in truth I couldn’t help but giggle at. We’ve been through four muslins today just for wiping her nose.

Tonight, though, I’m not giggling so much. She settled well at 7pm as usual, but woke around 9 (an hour early for her dream feed). She had some water (it’s still very hot) but then couldn’t resettle properly. She wanted to be held – understandable, you’re not well – & would wake herself up by coughing of sniffling too hard.

At 10 her Daddy got her bottle ready as usual but she wouldn’t take it. Apparently this is a common issue when babies are unwell as they can’t breath through their noses while they feed when ill. She wouldn’t accept the dummy, we assume, for the same reason.

She finally fed a tiny bit about 11pm & eventually dropped off about 30 minutes later. We’re lucky she doesn’t have a fever, though at least there’s Calpol for a fever. Not a whole lot we can do for the sniffles but cuddle & shush, cuddle & shush.

Usually I’d be fearing this meant a long night up & down for me. But knowing it’s because she’s ill just seems to increase my patience (something that’s new to me!). Fingers crossed she feels better tomorrow.


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