Feelin’ hot hot hot!

It’s unheard of but Britain has made it to 31’C. And as a January baby, I am not a hot weather person.

Poor Baby Girl is also struggling with the heat. She hasn’t worn clothes in days & can only get to sleep if we fan her with a book.

On holiday in June, we refrained from giving her anything but breast milk as all the official lines state it’s rehydration enough.

Well, this week, we’ve told the official lines to sod off. What they don’t take into consideration is that baby being plastered to Mama makes breastfeeding hot work for both parties. And not particularly enjoyable for either party either.20140719-053656 pm-63416213.jpg

Pleased to report she’s been as happy as a clam since giving her a taste of clear, flavourless liquid. We’ve maintained her usual breastfeeding sessions every four hours during the day but she has cooled boiled water in between if she’s thirsty.

And from a selfish point of view, I’m over the moon. While she’s still waking every hour and a half to two hours for a drink, she only gets fed at 10pm, 2am & 6am as before. Otherwise she has a quick swig of water and then drifts back to the land of nod. Which means on weekends her Daddy can help with the bi-hourly wake up calls. Hallelujah!



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