A baby’s cruelest trick

We were one of the lucky ones. Baby Girl started sleeping through the night at about 10 weeks old. It was bliss.

But there’s (another) little parenting secret no-one tells you about. 4 Months Sleep Regression. Yes, this is actually a thing. A cruel trick in my opinion & one I have not taken kindly to. It’s been six and a half weeks since Baby Girl last slept through the night (not that I’m counting). I’m exhausted. & I’m ashamed to say as a result my patience is getting shorter.

I’m now up about four times in the night. I’ve tried everything in the dead of night over the last six weeks from leaving her to cry (albeit half heartedly) to even giving her a dummy. No amount of shush-shush-pat works. Her Daddy has tried to soothe her so I can sleep. But then we both end up crabby with lack of sleep & one of us has to function in the office five days a week. No. The only thing that pacifies the panic in the wee hours is the boob.

In parallel, Baby Girl is now feeding every two hours, sometimes less, day & night. & she doesn’t seem to be slowing. We’ve even tried introducing formula to help her feel fuller before bed. She wasn’t keen the first few tries, but over a week she gradually drank more & more. Now, she’ll accept it as a 10pm dream feed (yes, we’ve even reintroduced the dream feed) so at least I can get a solid three hour block of sleep from 9pm. Though no more than 4oz (100ml) no matter how hard we try. But in truth, I don’t think it’s really making her feel fuller. Just saves me time during the day as I don’t have to worry about pumping for an evening bottle.

I’ve had to decamp to my mom’s for a few days as Baby Girl barely naps now she’s older. This way her Nina’s on hand to sing nursery rhymes, roll on a blanket & generally entertain her whilst I catch up on some much needed sleep between feeds, no matter how brief.


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