The glamour of motherhood

Today, Baby Girl & I met her Grandpa for breakfast as he had a 12 hour lay over in London over night. He had to leave for the airport at 9:45am & Baby Girl was due a feed at 10am.

Four months in, you’d think I’d have learned not to risk it. But instead, I took the gamble so many Mamas have taken before me… I left the restaurant & headed for home, hoping she’d last the extra 15 minutes I’d need so I could feed in peace at home.

Half way to the tube, my mistake was clear. So I turned back to look for somewhere to feed. The cafés were teeming. The benches were full. But look! A baby changing room! Excellent.

No. Not excellent. This isn’t John Lewis or M&S with their clean, kitted out, ready for anything Baby & Parent rooms. This was St. Pancras station. And this meant that I sat feeding on a closed toilet lid in what was basically an over grown toilet cubicle with a massive bin, a changing station & space for a buggy. Couldn’t help but laugh really.

And still Baby Girl was too distracted to feed for longer than five minutes. Have to admit, today, I didn’t mind!


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