Baby Girl has well & truly found her feet. It’s so cute!

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Baby Girl’s Nursery

20140724-021004 am-7804955.jpgIn the lead up to our due date, we weren’t sure whether we’d stay in our current apartment past June. So we held off buying much specially for Baby Girl’s room until we knew where’d we be a bit more long term. Well, we’ve recently resigned on our lease so it’s shopping time! Within reason. Sadly, the landlord still refuses to move the spare bed out of her room, so she’s still in her travel cot for the foreseeable future until we figure out where to store the bed or persuade the landlord to move it to make room for an actual cot. But, thanks to my Dad & H, we have at long last got a proper changing table. As opposed to a changing mat on the floor, which was killing my back, it has to be said. Of course, nothing is straight forward. I found Boori, an Australian nursery furniture brand, on the Mothercare website, but they were out of stock. So I checked out the Boori website & discovered the 4-drawer chest. Of course, I set my heart on last season’s stock, which is now out of stock at all the major UK stockists. Refusing defeat, I started calling round all the small, local stockists across the UK to see if they had any. And low & behold, there was a little place in Wembly – Just Kidding – who still had one. Et voila! One Boori 4-drawer chest with removable changing tray on top. So when the time comes, it can be easily converted into a normal chest of drawers for her. It only took us 4 months! Next up, soft furnishings…

Confessions of a Bad Mama

Baby Girl has given me her cold & I feel well & truly rough. She’s still not 100% either so lots of cuddles, lots of singing to try & sooth her.

However, I’m ashamed to admit that for the first time, this morning I’ve sat her in the bouncy chair & switched on CBeebies for half an hour so I can have a cup of tea, dig out the Beachums & sit for 30 minutes & give my weary, coughing & sneezing self a breather.

She’s completely enthralled, giggling away chewing on her teethers mindlessly. She hasn’t torn her eyes away from the screen once. I feel such a bad mother.

Baby’s first sniffles

Baby Girl has her first cold. She woke up this morning coughing & breathing bubbles out of her nose – which in truth I couldn’t help but giggle at. We’ve been through four muslins today just for wiping her nose.

Tonight, though, I’m not giggling so much. She settled well at 7pm as usual, but woke around 9 (an hour early for her dream feed). She had some water (it’s still very hot) but then couldn’t resettle properly. She wanted to be held – understandable, you’re not well – & would wake herself up by coughing of sniffling too hard.

At 10 her Daddy got her bottle ready as usual but she wouldn’t take it. Apparently this is a common issue when babies are unwell as they can’t breath through their noses while they feed when ill. She wouldn’t accept the dummy, we assume, for the same reason.

She finally fed a tiny bit about 11pm & eventually dropped off about 30 minutes later. We’re lucky she doesn’t have a fever, though at least there’s Calpol for a fever. Not a whole lot we can do for the sniffles but cuddle & shush, cuddle & shush.

Usually I’d be fearing this meant a long night up & down for me. But knowing it’s because she’s ill just seems to increase my patience (something that’s new to me!). Fingers crossed she feels better tomorrow.

Feelin’ hot hot hot!

It’s unheard of but Britain has made it to 31’C. And as a January baby, I am not a hot weather person.

Poor Baby Girl is also struggling with the heat. She hasn’t worn clothes in days & can only get to sleep if we fan her with a book.

On holiday in June, we refrained from giving her anything but breast milk as all the official lines state it’s rehydration enough.

Well, this week, we’ve told the official lines to sod off. What they don’t take into consideration is that baby being plastered to Mama makes breastfeeding hot work for both parties. And not particularly enjoyable for either party either.20140719-053656 pm-63416213.jpg

Pleased to report she’s been as happy as a clam since giving her a taste of clear, flavourless liquid. We’ve maintained her usual breastfeeding sessions every four hours during the day but she has cooled boiled water in between if she’s thirsty.

And from a selfish point of view, I’m over the moon. While she’s still waking every hour and a half to two hours for a drink, she only gets fed at 10pm, 2am & 6am as before. Otherwise she has a quick swig of water and then drifts back to the land of nod. Which means on weekends her Daddy can help with the bi-hourly wake up calls. Hallelujah!


A baby’s cruelest trick

We were one of the lucky ones. Baby Girl started sleeping through the night at about 10 weeks old. It was bliss.

But there’s (another) little parenting secret no-one tells you about. 4 Months Sleep Regression. Yes, this is actually a thing. A cruel trick in my opinion & one I have not taken kindly to. It’s been six and a half weeks since Baby Girl last slept through the night (not that I’m counting). I’m exhausted. & I’m ashamed to say as a result my patience is getting shorter.

I’m now up about four times in the night. I’ve tried everything in the dead of night over the last six weeks from leaving her to cry (albeit half heartedly) to even giving her a dummy. No amount of shush-shush-pat works. Her Daddy has tried to soothe her so I can sleep. But then we both end up crabby with lack of sleep & one of us has to function in the office five days a week. No. The only thing that pacifies the panic in the wee hours is the boob.

In parallel, Baby Girl is now feeding every two hours, sometimes less, day & night. & she doesn’t seem to be slowing. We’ve even tried introducing formula to help her feel fuller before bed. She wasn’t keen the first few tries, but over a week she gradually drank more & more. Now, she’ll accept it as a 10pm dream feed (yes, we’ve even reintroduced the dream feed) so at least I can get a solid three hour block of sleep from 9pm. Though no more than 4oz (100ml) no matter how hard we try. But in truth, I don’t think it’s really making her feel fuller. Just saves me time during the day as I don’t have to worry about pumping for an evening bottle.

I’ve had to decamp to my mom’s for a few days as Baby Girl barely naps now she’s older. This way her Nina’s on hand to sing nursery rhymes, roll on a blanket & generally entertain her whilst I catch up on some much needed sleep between feeds, no matter how brief.

The glamour of motherhood

Today, Baby Girl & I met her Grandpa for breakfast as he had a 12 hour lay over in London over night. He had to leave for the airport at 9:45am & Baby Girl was due a feed at 10am.

Four months in, you’d think I’d have learned not to risk it. But instead, I took the gamble so many Mamas have taken before me… I left the restaurant & headed for home, hoping she’d last the extra 15 minutes I’d need so I could feed in peace at home.

Half way to the tube, my mistake was clear. So I turned back to look for somewhere to feed. The cafés were teeming. The benches were full. But look! A baby changing room! Excellent.

No. Not excellent. This isn’t John Lewis or M&S with their clean, kitted out, ready for anything Baby & Parent rooms. This was St. Pancras station. And this meant that I sat feeding on a closed toilet lid in what was basically an over grown toilet cubicle with a massive bin, a changing station & space for a buggy. Couldn’t help but laugh really.

And still Baby Girl was too distracted to feed for longer than five minutes. Have to admit, today, I didn’t mind!

4 months

The last 3 weeks we have seen a huge amount of change in Baby Girl. Suddenly, she can hold a toy & grasp at things; she has favourite toys; & she has the most infectious hearty little giggle.

Baby Girl’s new favourite game is Peek-a-Boo with a muslin. Every time we whip the cloth away we’re met with delight & a fresh set of smiles & giggles. So naturally, her dad & I love this game too.

She’s also started rolling over – quite a big milestone for littl’uns. She’s always enjoyed her tummy time (she can now push right off the ground) so had incentive to master the rollie-pollie. But now keeps flipping herself when we put her down in her cot to sleep. & as you can see, her new skill is really helping with day to day tasks as well…

20140710-070728 pm-68848792.jpg

Apparently one of the big abilities that comes with the horrendous experience that was Leap 4 (cue despair & tears upon memory…) is that Baby Girl responds to her name. So far, we haven’t seen this, but we have noticed that if we call to her, she looks around to find us. So this seems a very good step in the right direction.

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Daddy’s girl

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On holiday, we didn’t have a baby bath so Baby Girl’s dad had to get in the tub with her. They both enjoyed it so much that it’s become a Sunday ritual for some Daddy-Daughter time. (& I get 15mins to myself!)