The big move: night one

I am exhausted. Baby Girl’s first night in the nursery was long.

She took an extra 30 minutes or so to get to sleep; I had to sit humming next to the cot, which I’ve never done before even before she could settle herself. She then woke up at 1am for a brief feed. Then 3am. Then 5:15. And the day began.

I had about 4 hours sleep in total as unfortunately had gone to bed late last night getting things straight following our return from holiday. In truth, last night was no different to how she was on holiday (I slept less in that fortnight than I had for weeks at home. I’ve returned paler than ever with bags under my eyes!). I fear she’s got used to feeding during the night again after the warmer weather in France caused her to feed more often. Or perhaps she’s just unsettled because of Leap 4. Which I suppose I should be grateful it’s that rather than her being unsettled in the nursery.

But whatever the reason, I ended up sleeping in the nursery last night (which has a spare bed in it as well as we currently live in a part furnished rented apartment & the landlord refuses to remove the bed. Thankfully at the moment!) & will be again tonight as if she’s waking up this frequently, it’s just easier to be in the same room as her. Not exactly the most romantic of set ups for the other half & I though.

Fingers crossed night two is better…


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