The big move

We returned from holiday to find that Baby Girl no longer fits in her Moses Basket. And her cot doesn’t fit in our room. So that’s that. Tonight is her first night in her own room.

We knew this day was coming. She’s been napping in her cot  in the nursery for two weeks before we went on holiday (from three months old). But tonight was the first time we put her to sleep for the night in there. It took her about twice as long as usual to settle; I think she could sense something was different. I had to sit by her cot humming for a while until she had drifted off, which was a first.

We had planned to start the transfer when we got back from holiday anyway as we could see she was getting longer. But this has taken us by surprise. We had thought it would be more gradual over a couple of weeks. First falling asleep in the nursery  then moving her into ours so she woke up where she was comfortable; then only moving her if she woke in the night & so on until she was comfortable for the night on her own. But clearly fate had other plans.

Let’s see how the night goes…


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