Travelling with Baby

We’re lucky enough that both our families have houses we can use in South of France & Tuscany (thanks family!). We just hop on & off the plane with hand luggage.

…And then came Baby Girl.

20140624-110733 pm-83253999.jpgThe house is bigger than we’re used to at home so we’ve got a baby monitor that’s never out of my sight as I’m not used to not being able to hear her.

Baby Girl also doesn’t breastfeed as well when we’re out & about so I’ve started expressing more & using bottles. So in case with the heat she didn’t like being stuck against me, we’ve got 25 cold water steriliser bags, three bottles & a pump with us.

We’ve got baby clothes for every weather eventuality as it was due to be stormy, then blisteringly hot but cool in the evenings… And she has an uncanny knack for needing more than one outfit a day. Plus a UV onsie-style swimsuit, a tiny wetsuit, hats & baby sunscreen.

20140624-110829 pm-83309539.jpg

We’re lucky there was already a travel cot & car seat here or else we’d have been lost under a pile of baby luggage in the check in queue!

We also made the brave decision to leave the pushchair at home & just bring the baby carrier, which so far has worked well as we’re just mooching round the house & village mainly. God help us when we venture on a holiday beyond these four walls…


8 thoughts on “Travelling with Baby

  1. ginglyform says:

    i am also a new mommy like you! i havn’t travelled with my baby yet, but will be soon. terrified of that 😀

    • amiecaitlin says:

      I wrote about the flight there (link below) earlier in the week we were away. But word to the wise, we didn’t bother feeding her on take off or landing on the way back, just used a dummy (she’d never had a dummy before we flew) & it was far more successful. She actually fell asleep as we took off! Couldn’t believe it! & on the way back, she just ‘stood’ on her dad’s knee watching all the passengers sucking away at the dummy. Unless your little;ins hungry, I would steer clear of feeding personally. But we might just have been unlucky!

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