Baby Girl started dribbling uncontrollably at about nine weeks.

At 10 weeks, she started sucking on her lower lip (which was actually really cute) & sucking on her clothes & my hair (less cute).

11 weeks, the gnawing on anything she could get near her mouth began. She’s now 13 weeks & we’re in full blown teething mode.

20140609-095716 pm-79036956.jpg
She strokes her head, her ears, her cheeks (they don’t yet have self awareness so can’t pinpoint where the discomfort is coming from – just somewhere in their head); she cries, she chomps away at toys, her hands, our fingers, even the baby carrier & straps of her pushchair!

Her lower front gums are also getting whiter.

Everything we read said teething started around four months. They lied. Or Baby Girl is ahead of her time. Of all the developmental milestones to choose, she chooses teething to jump the gun. I can hear her dad now; ‘you can tell she’s your daughter. Just has to do things differently.’

I have a horrible feeling things are about to get real fun…


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