3 months

Wow. Three months. It feels like Baby Girl has been here forever & yet as though it’s passed in the blink of an eye.

She’s kicking & flailing at every opportunity. Her movement is becoming smoother with every day. She’s also developing a little personality, which is lovely to see. She likes her ‘me’ time. I’ve found that sometimes, she’d rather have 15 minutes on her own. She’ll happily sit & amuse herself with her hands, playing with her fingers. She can now grab each individual finger and hold onto it while she stares, fascinated at her own hands. (Not that I stand & watch her from a far.) When she’s ready, she’s starts to coo as if to say, ‘Ok, I’m done. I’m ready to play again now.’ This is particularly the case in a large group. She becomes visibly overwhelmed & needs a moment or two to gather herself. But one-on-one, even with a new person, she’s her usual smiley self.

Which leads me to the fact that Baby Girl is also developing a little sense of humour. Whether you ‘beep’ her nose, tickle her or splash the water in her bath, she smiles & giggles.

And Baby Girl likes her sleep. A lot. If I wake her before she’s ready, she is not a happy bunny. And if she doesn’t get her full 16 hours in a 24 hour period, she’s very grouchy.(She’s definitely our daughter!)

Last weekend, Baby Girl rolled over from her front to her back all on her own for the first time. When she’s on her back, she tucks up her legs & swings them to the side so she can roll onto her side & more easily see whatever it is she’s looking at. To begin with I was extremely excited by this milestone. Now I’ve realised this just means we’re dangerously close to never being able to turn our backs on her for a second. Particularly when on the changing table. Goodie.

However, she has also started teething. At the moment, it’s not too bad. She’s just gnawing at everything from her toys to her tops to her hands. Or our hands! But we’re bracing ourselves for when the real fun starts.



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