Stuck record

Since Baby Girl could smile I’ve realised she loves singing. Which is good as I spend a lot of her waking hours in the day singing at her. Everything from Rhianna to The Little Mermaid. And I’m almost always greeted with a smile. Whether this is because of the signing itself or the fact the know she has my attention I’m not 100% sure.

However, there are two songs that calm her & get me a smile every time: ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ from The Lion King & The Jungle Book’s ‘Bearnecessities’.

Yesterday she was particularly fussy & wouldn’t be put down. She just wasn’t happy with anything. Until I sang these two songs. Which resulted in me singing them on repeat for a lot of the day.

And now I’m beyond bored of them. If I never heard them again it would be too soon. I need to find some others that have the same effect. And fast!


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