The hard life of a newborn

Last night I woke at 2:30am to whimpering coming from Baby Girl’s Moses basket. She’s done really well having slept for nearly six hours but as always I tried gently rocking her to check she wouldn’t drift back off. No luck. So up I got.

But when I peeked over the side of the basket, Baby Girl was still asleep. ‘Strange,’ I thought. I watched her whimpering in her sleep as she tried to wriggle free of her swaddling.

After a minute or two, one hand was free. Then came the real battle. The co-ordination to get it to her mouth. She’s no longer content with just a fist (even in her sleep apparently). Now she wants that one special finger. But getting a single digit in her mouth is tricksy enough when awake. When asleep it becomes a full on mission with her muscles!

After about five minutes she became increasingly agitated – in her sleep – so I took pity & lifted her up in home that would soothe her. Nope. ‘Where’s that finger?!’

Then I tried to feed her in case she was searching desperately out of hunger. Nope. Actually wriggled away from me and flailed her hand til she hit her face with it. Then & only then did she begin to quieten as her hand found it’s way to her mouth.

Alas, she never did find her thumb. She was forced to settle for her index finger instead.


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