8 weeks old

Baby Girl is going through a whirl wind of mental development at the moment. And as a result, has seemed rather unsettled this week; she cries when she’s hungry, sobs when she’s tired, cries when she’s wet… the list goes on. Her Dad & I have found ourselves looking at each other asking, ‘where’s our lovely content little baby gone?’.

So what can Baby Girl do now? Amongst other things:

She’s smiling at everything. When she sees me or her Daddy, her whole body jiggles with glee as she can’t yet differentiate which muscles she needs for which motions. So a smile equals full body wiggle!

Also, she’s starting to recognise patterns, not just visually but in her body as well. For instance, her coordination is improving in minor ways – can get a single finger (ie her thumb) in her mouth rather than just her fist. Furthermore, Baby Girl has discovered her feet. We found her staring intently at them while she sat in my lap today, clearly thinking, ‘where did these come from? They weren’t here at breakfast…’ She’s yet to discover her hands though. I’m playing ’round & round the garden’ daily hoping for an epiphany, but so far not luck.

And it would seem Baby Girl takes after me in one respect: she’s a chatty one! She’s always grunting, squealing, squeaking, cooing & generally trying to communicate with us. These sounds are the first stages of language development for a littl’un. But we’ve got a ways to go before she’s quoting Shakespeare.

Finally, her eyesight has vastly improved. I wrote last week how she’s watching the TV from the sofa, fascinated by the colours & moving pictures. She’s also suddenly discovered the ceiling lights, which are apparently very interesting. (Unfortunately the website that usually generates the photos showing you how her eyesight has developed is currently down so I’ll add the picture of how we look to her ASAP.)


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