We’ve found that Baby Girl doesn’t always settle as easily for me as for her Daddy, particularly if she’s over tired. While he was on paternity leave, that was fine. But now he’s at work five days a week, it puts a bit of a spanner in the works.

Apparently this is a very common problem for new moms as the smell of the breast milk is unsettling for babies. Baby Girl seems to become confused unable to settle & fall asleep & thinks she’s hungry. Try & feed her, however, & she’s not interested.

But not all is lost when you’re sneaky like us! Her dad came up with a good plan: I slip on whatever shirt he was wearing the day before or his dressing gown to mask the smell of the milk. Works like a charm every time. Thank god!


4 thoughts on “Sneaky

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Had a dose of that this week sadly as she’s been very out of sorts following her BCG on Tuesday. Others just made her cry louder! I’ll just try to focus on the toned biceps & not the achey back & arms!

      • gorillamums says:

        Argh the everlasting backache!! On the plus side it makes massages sooooo much more appreciated! I’ve not had the BCG yet, was it really bad?

      • amiecaitlin says:

        No, it was fine. They’re not supposed to have any reaction but it’s all I can put the sudden change in temperament down to. She’s got three more this week & apparently they give them a fever. Can’t wait…

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