Single mom

The last two days, Baby Girl’s dad had to go away on business. So it’s been just us girls hanging out.

Yesterday was one of the most tired days I’ve had. We had a normal night but I think the lack of sleep just built up. Thankfully Baby Girl slept a lot too yesterday for which I was eternally grateful! Trini then came over & cooked me dinner, for which I was also very grateful. Baby Girl went to bed about 9:30 as usual & I followed suit about 9:31.

Woke up today feeling much more refreshed after another normal night. Though when I ended up covered in breast milk about 10am, I was feeling the strain; ’24 more hours on my own. Just 24 hours.’ But we had a lovely afternoon in the park (despite the rain) & I was feeling good. Then this evening hit.

Did you know, it’s very difficult to breast feed, cook your dinner & receive a Tesco delivery all at the same time. I say cook – boil ravioli for two minutes & add jar of sauce. To eat 45mins later when cold. Not my best work in the kitchen it has to be said.

And did I mention the crying too? And not just any crying. Baby Girl was crying so hard she started choking. This was new for me. And not easy to deal with.

An hour later, she’s collapsed on my shoulder as I type this, both of us exhausted. She hasn’t fed in about 2 hours (unusual for her in the evening) & I think she quite literally cried herself to sleep. If ever I felt useless, tonight was it. Nothing I did helped. And she never did burp.

I’ve had a brief insight into life as a single parent the last two days. And wow. It’s tough. Day & night just you & a baby. Baby won’t stop crying? Tough. No one else to help. Hungry? Tough. No one else to cook you dinner. My heart goes out to every single parent out there. Seriously. We think it’s hard in teams of two. We don’t know anything.


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