Double edged sword

Today, Baby Girl & I were out & about in London running errands. She slept for nearly six hours! There was a moment awake for a diaper change & five minute feed but then back to sleep. Why can’t she do this at night?

Although it was nice to have her sleeping soundly as I went about my errands, I couldn’t 100% relax. As the day went on, & she’d been asleep longer & longer, I was worrying about when she would wake up (no doubt ravenous) & where I’d be.

I shouldn’t have worried. Her eyes pinged open as we came through the front door & she fed pretty much solidly for the next three hours, stopping only for 15 minutes in between to burp.

No doubt she’ll spend have the night awake too after so much sleep today. Seems I have to choose: easier day or easier night. More the pity.


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