Everyone loves a good rant. But this week, it is particularly justified.

On Wednesday, I was walking to meet my friends from antenatal class (now four out of the five are recovered & able to meet – we nearly have the full set!). I was walking down a reasonably main road in the bright sunshine with Baby Girl sleeping soundly in her buggy.

I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket to check something quickly. SNATCH! A [insert very rude name] on a Borris Bike rode by me on the sidewalk & grabbed my phone out of my hand. I turned to run after him but realised with Baby Girl, I was going no where so was resigned to screaming after him in the street. Of course, he didn’t have a change of heart & rode off down a side street with my only 4 months old iPhone. ?!%*

4 very kind passers by (2 in cars who actually parked up & got out) rushed over to check I was ok & give me their details as witnesses. One called the police for me & three cop cars promptly pulled up asking for a description then sirened off again to patrol area. But realistically, it’s gone.

So I am phoneless, feel a bit violated as I was clearly picked I as an easy target with the pushchair & I’m fuming. It’s these [insert rude name no. 2] who pick on the vulnerable, the elderly, or the likes of me who give humanity a bad rep. Who picks on this group of people mercilessly? Who does that!? Who effing does that.


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