Baby (still) on board

Until I was about 7 months pregnant, next to no one gave up their seats for me on London’s public transport. Basically, until I looked like I’d topple forwards with the weight of my bump (being only 5ft tall, I stuck out about as far as I stuck up!).

Well, nothing’s changed. People view pushchairs as a nuisance & when I used the baby carrier, no one offered me a seat. FYI peeps, a baby in a carrier is just as heavy as a bump. & it’s just as tiring given the lack of sleep I had the night before. But don’t worry, keep your seats young, able, girl with headphones blaring & thirty-something banker-wanker. I’d hate to put you out. It’s only 100% clear that I’m definitely carrying a baby now, not obese.

Public transport & newborns don’t really mix all round to be honest. In four and a half weeks, so far my experience has been:

  1. No room on the bus for a pushchair. Wait another 10-15 minutes & hope for the best.
  2. No access at local tube station, stairs only. Best of luck if you’re on your own with a pushchair.
  3. Following 1 & 2, got new baby carrier. Dropped bag with said carrier down the gap in the tube on the way home whilst battling to get pushchair on the tube. Cue sheer mortification as they had to delay service & get multiple tube workers to help retrieve said carrier. World, swallow me whole.
  4. Went to get on bus, Baby Girl screaming place down & couldn’t be calmed so turned around & came home rather than risk being that person on the bus.

20140409-104003 pm.jpg

And this week, we booked out first holiday with Baby Girl. Which involves a plane. We must be mental.


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