4 weeks old

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month. Time is flying by and Baby Girl is growing fast.

In the last two days we’ve noticed she can just about straighten her legs in her newborn onsies, but her toes are right at the end of the foot bits. When we tried her in 0-3 though, her arms were flapping in all the extra material! She seems a little out of proportion still.

At one month, her hearing is now fully developed & she’s incredibly alert, taking everything in. We play games with her, pulling funny faces, sticking out tongues, blowing raspberries & other sounds to see if she’ll copy. So far nothing but she watches us intently & moves her mouth as though she knows that’s what she has to do. So probably not long now.

Her eyesight is strengthening every day. This is now how she sees us, from 12 inches away:

4 weeks old


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