Baby Acne

I know, go figure, it’s a thing! And poor Baby Girl has it.

It came on over the weekend & got steadily worse over the following few days. Teeny tiny baby sized pimples all over her face, the top of her head, even her eyelids. You can imagine as a first-time-Mama, I became increasingly worried.

Trusty NHS website says it’s a common enough condition & will clear up in its own time. But there wasn’t enough action in this explanation for me. To the message boards!

Turns out breast milk is a cure for everything. Apparently it has numerous antibacterial properties & is full of white blood cells, making it nature’s very own antibiotic for all manner of baby ailments. Including acne.

Last night I expressed a bit of breast milk & wiped it gently over Baby Girl’s face & head. This morning, it’s looking much better; a lot less read & I’d say at least 50% of the pimples are gone.

Note: best to do this just before a feed as bless her, she seemed very confused & upset by having breast milk wiped on her. As her dad put it, ‘it’s like slapping me in the face with chicken then wondering why I’m hungry.’ He’s can be oh so eloquent when he wants to be…


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