What’s in a name: part II

We invest so much time & effort coming up with the right name for our kids. Knowing they’ll carry it with them throughout their lives, a badge of identity if you will…

And then we never ever actually use it. At just two weeks old, we call Baby Girl by more nicknames than we do her actual name already. (Which we’re not publishing on the blog for privacy reasons.)

Growing up, I got called everything from Beanbag to Mushy-Pea-Face. The irony was I’d been given a short name to ensure people couldn’t shorten it to annoying forms…  what my parents failed to seem to understand was that Brat Pack or Petal Pottle were far more annoying than any shortening of an actual name!

Alas, I fear Baby Girl is headed for the same path I trod; that of embarrassment & despair every time her parents’ call her, cringing at whatever new name they’ve come up with this time! So far we’ve got:

Piglet – owing to the snuffling movements & noises she makes when she’s hungry & the snorting when she’s getting impatient for the boob. It’s like she’s snuffling for truffles.
Taco – when we wrap her up in her blanket & swaddle her (fajita might be more appropriate but we didn’t think of that at the time)
Baby Girl – quite self explanatory
Little Miss – again, rather obvious why
Hicup – due to the amount she has really quite violent seeming hicups!
Gammy Eye – due to her blocked tearduct (very common for newborns) which causes her to wake up with a sticky eye
Houdini – because she wriggles out of everything, including even her electronic foot tag at the hospital! Midwife was amazed!
Girl 2 – nice, loving name from her dad there…

+ 6 plays on her actual name (including one that’s poo related. Again, self explanatory after last week’s explosion on my dressing gown! & one that’s dinosaur related – it’s a long story).


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