The best laid plans…

Tonight, my parents brought dinner round for us with the plan that I’d feed Baby Girl, get her down, eat some dinner then her dad & I would pop across the road for a drink for an hour. We’re not particularly cabin-feverish but we thought it would be nice to take the opportunity.

It’s now 9:30 & we’ve still not made it out the door. Baby Girl has fed three times, been sick – down me – had wind (which makes her cry, so we didn’t like to leave then), a mammoth diaper change… We’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact we’re not going, made some popcorn & we’re putting on a movie.

It’s like Baby Girl knew we were leaving her even for an hour. I’m told this is a very common trait of babies… A sixth sense if you will. I’m told we should get used to it.


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