Baby Girl’s first growth spurt

She’s 11 days old & already Baby Girl is having her first growth spurt.

After a great week of breastfeeding, this weekend, it was as though Baby Girl forgot how to latch on, which caused a very frustrating two days for both of us. (Thank god for nipple guards or she wouldn’t have fed successfully for two days, I swear!)

We looked it up & this is sign number one of a growth spurt. She’s so hungry that she panics when she comes to latch on. Tell tale sign two: her near routine (we were getting good at baby-led 4 hour feeds on the dot) goes out the window. Again, this is because of the increase in appetite to fuel her growth spurt. On Saturday night I fed her 4 times in 4 hours. My arms were about to drop off!

And today, both her dad & I think her hair is longer & thicker, her face has thinned out a little & she seems even longer when I’m feeding her. It’s amazing how fast they change. I feel like if I blink I’ll miss something.


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