1 week old

Baby Girl is one week (& two days) old today. (Still getting to grips with everything so blog posts aren’t exactly the priority, hence started this on Friday, but only managing to finish it today!) I can’t believe it’s only been just over a week – time is flying by already.

We’ve gotten the hang of breast feeding & she’s already put on 1oz. She’s already throwing her head around, desperately trying to control it herself. She keeps head butting our chins! And we seem to have lucked out as she loves her sleep & sleeps for between 4 & 6 hours straight each night. She seems incredibly content. Though the saying goes, bad baby, good teenager; good baby, bad teenager. So this doesn’t bode well for us in 15 years!

At 1 week old, her eyesight is her weakest sense. She can only see as far as my face from my boob (handy evolution) & we look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.16.17

We’re still getting to know each other, but here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  1. She loves her fist. There’s actually a blister where she’s been sucking on it in the womb!
  2. She only cries if we try to change her before a feed. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting.
  3. She likes morning cuddles in bed with us after her feed (& so do we as we get a few more hours sleep.)
  4. When she’s going to the effort to do a poo, she goes cross eyed.
  5. Spicy food makes for lots of pokey diapers.
  6. If she fusses, there’s a very good chance she has wind. And lots of it! (Which makes us giggle as she smiles if she has wind & looks really pleased with herself!)
  7. She doesn’t like her arms being trapped by swaddling or a blanket. She was born with her hands on either side of her face (Van Gogh Scream stylie – unusual, yes) & still likes her hands by her head. So we oblige.

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