Us Brits with our usual ‘carry on’ attitude or the Americans with barely any paid maternity leave options. It’s shocking anyone recovers from childbirth! Some others, such as rural Poland, have a much more communal approach. After a woman gives birth, she is committed to bed rest for a certain period & all the women in the village come & take over all household duties & helping care for the baby. The mother’s only concern is feeding – which they bring her the baby to do – & recovering.

Baby Girl’s dad has two weeks Paternity Leave & has adopted a similar role to these Polish women. Due to my second degree tearing (& other standard recovery aspects) I can’t stand for longer than about five minutes at a time & much to my upset, I can’t hold Baby Girl for longer than about two minutes unless I’m sat down. He takes my recovery extremely seriously. He won’t let me exert myself in the slightest; brings Baby Girl to me for feeds, takes her from me so I can get up without straining my muscles, has changed all but three diapers since she was born. He paces the apartment with her in the wee hours calming her to sleep. He even has timers set on his phone for when I can take each next set of pain killers. (No, he’s not donning a nurses outfit!)

I can do a little bit more each day, we’re getting there. But it’s hard not being able to easily lift Baby Girl when she’s crying or take care of her as I feel I should be. I have a lot of sympathy for women who have a c-section. If I feel my recovery is draining I can’t imagine how they must feel.


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