Surprising news

Yesterday I was back at UCLH for my overdue appointment. I didn’t realise but this included yet another scan, making 6 total. Far more than any of my friends at other hospitals (lucky us!). All looks to be as it should be.

However, we also got some rather surprising news…

The girls from the Baby Shower not only took bets on the date of Bump’s arrival (most of which are now out of the running) but his birth weight. I was 10 days late & 6lb 10oz & today I’m only 5ft tall. Bump’s dad was also late & a mere 6lb 3oz; today a real slim-Jim & 5ft 9. So naturally, the bets on Bump’s weight have been rather low.

Well. More fool us because apparently Bump is an estimated 9lb. 9LB!!! We’re gob-smacked. Never did we expect a big baby. Never in our wildest dreams a 9 pounder!

Bump’s dad is horrified. He just keeps saying, “but how will you birth a 9lb baby?!” with a somewhat worried expression.

Because of this, the midwife has recommended we book an induction for next week. If a baby reaches 10lb it can be dangerous for both mother (eg, tearing, bleeding) & baby (eg, getting stuck, broken collar bone as he squeezes past mother’s pelvis). I’m adamant we won’t reach the induction as this means we can’t be in the birthing unit & a natural birth is less likely.

So come on Bump! Get a wiggle on! You have exactly one week before you’re evacuated.


6 thoughts on “Surprising news

  1. Lincey says:

    Hi Amie – encouraging story : Nick weighed in at a hefty 9lb 9oz, I’m 5’2 but had a normal delivery as he was a long baby!! It can be done 🙂

  2. Johnd105 says:

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