An uneventful weekend

Bump’s dad & I had a relatively quiet weekend. Another long walk. More spicy food. Baked some bread – cue lots of bun & oven jokes. Alas, no sign whatsoever of my other bun. We’re officially one week overdue.

With the extra time, however, I managed to finish Bump’s mobile. We have a store bought one, but unfortunately this doesn’t attach to the Moses basket.

I got this idea from a friend from our antenatal class, though her’s consists of a single large branch & felt animals. As I can hardly sew on a button, origami seemed a safer bet!


I have to say, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Even Bump’s dad got involved & held twigs whilst I measured, cut & tied cotton.

He then presented me with the wool & knitting needles that have been lying dormant for about two weeks & said, “tomorrow’s project. Our baby needs booties!” There’s a reason I hadn’t picked up the needles in two weeks…


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