Unexpected 3am wake up call

Sadly, I wasn’t up for over an hour last night with contractions. Still pregnant.

Instead, I had an allergic reaction to a new moisturiser. Specially formulated for during pregnancy, extra sensitive, no added chemicals or perfumes or unnatural ingredients… yet by 3:30am my feet and ankles were swollen, angry red, pimply and on fire. I ended up having to wake up Bump’s dad as no amount of ice or cold water was helping. His face was a picture – high alert mode.

This morning, the swelling & redness has gone down but the itchiness & pimples remain.

I have sensitive skin at the best of times. But never occurred to me that these extra sensitive pregnancy creams would affect me. So, word to the wise, stick to the simple stuff. Because L’Occitane clearly isn’t as sensitive as it makes out.

On that note, I used Champneys Blissful Bump for the past few months without any problems. So would 100% recommend their moisturiser, body wash & stretch mark oil.


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