Keep Calm Daddy

I’ve been working on a little something for Bump’s dad these past few weeks. A Daddy-to-Be kit. Complete with box of tricks, photography book about capturing your child’s first year & personalised baby grow specially for Bump’s dad (inside joke alert).

He seemed a bit taken aback to get a present & promptly sat engrossed in his book. So think I did good.

20140219-100832 am.jpg

Keep Calm, You’re Going To Be A Daddy

Earplugs for when you’re not on the night shift
A Coke to keep you awake when you are
Candles so you don’t wake me up with the bright lights when it’s your turn
Puzzle to remind you that you won’t always have the answers & that we’ll figure it out together
Tissues to wipe away the tears (Bump’s or mine… or yours)
An Eraser don’t worry, we all make mistakes
A Crayon to help colour their future
An Extra Eye to help you keep a look out
A Peg for those nasty diaper changes
A Marble, just in case you lose one
Band-Aids to make it better
A Penny, because every little helps
Another Penny – can’t stress this point enough
A Safety Pin to keep Bump safe
A Tea Bag – take time to relax & enjoy being a Daddy
Jelly Babies because Bump will be cute enough to eat… please eat these babies instead
Superman boxers because you will be Bump’s hero
Seeds for the wisdom and knowledge you will sow
Ibuprofen – when all else fails take 2
A Heart for all the love Bump will bring & we will share together
A Toffee Crisp to remind you that even when times are tough, we’ll make it through
Extra Safe Condoms because let’s face it, the last pack we bought were crap.
A Kiss to remind you how it all began


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