Complaint no. 472

We are 10 days from the due date. How are there still new ailments cropping up? Body, come on, it’s nearly over. Enough already!

I now have carpal tunnel syndrome. When I wake in the morning my hands and forearms are tingly, in pain, often I’ve lost the feeling in some of my fingers. It’s a true delight. It lasts for up to an hour then gradually subsides. It comes back when I’m doing my yoga though later in the day.

Apparently this is a common problem late in pregnancy due to swelling. Though I can’t actually see any swelling (thank god!). I’m not new to CTS. I suffered from it when I started working a few years back with sitting at a keyboard all day.

I’ve come to realise that basically, what pregnancy means, is absolutely any tiny issue your body has ever had, will be multiplied by between 3 & 10. Just waiting for my asthma to suddenly return with a vengeance…

I had already had enough of pregnancy. Now I’m just about fit to perform a make shift c-sec. But I don’t think Bump’s dad would appreciate all the mess on the sheets. So I’ll refrain… For now.


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