Bizi & Bea gifts

Today, I got a package from old family friends we met whilst living in the US (though we’ve both since moved back to London).

Turns out, Miss. Family Friend (who I still think of as 4 years old, I’m ashamed to say, even though she’s about 22 now!) is not only a talented photographer but also rather a dab hand with a sewing machine. Which is all rather fortuitous for Bump & I as it means we get this beautiful fleece lined baby blanket & burp cloth!

20140211-010704 pm.jpgI have absolutely no shame in sending you all to her Etsy Store, Bizi & Bea where you can find everything from one-of-a-kind dribble bibs to custom made bunting (and blankets of course) in loads of gorgeous designs from Beatrix Potter & the Hungry Caterpillar. Or simply request your own.

Thank you again Miss. Family Friend! This blanket is now in our hospital ready to snuggle Bump up & bring him home in.


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