37 Weeks

37 weeksAs of today, we are full term. Bump could arrive any time from now. He’s deep in my pelvis, fully developed,  weighing at least 6lb & kicking me from the inside out.

My Braxton Hicks are gearing up & Bump’s dad is worried Bump will make an early appearance. As far as I’m concerned, D-day can’t come soon enough. I’ve 100% had enough of being pregnant.

I feel like a whale. I don’t like feeling like a whale. And the possibility of up to another 5 weeks of feeling like said whale & just getting even bigger doesn’t fill me with happy thoughts.

Bump, I’m ready to meet you now & have my body back please. Any time you’re ready.


2 thoughts on “37 Weeks

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you; my boyfriend is a dab hand with his SLR & knows the tricks with iPhoto. As you can probably see from the usual photos, he’s definitely the photography whizz, not me!

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