We are good to go!

Our order from Mothercare has arrived, including everything from our sunshine yellow pushchair to teeny tiny socks. I feel more excited than on Christmas morning!

20140129-110733 am.jpg
I’ve been very well behaved & only bought what we need. Though Bump’s dad isn’t convinced when he sees how much stuff is piling up in Bump’s room… but I promise I have been very frugal.

I am very pleased to report, however, we are now ready for whenever Bump arrives. In the last week I’ve started to panic as other moms-to-be I know had already bought loads & were all prepared. You see, you’re legally not allowed to leave the hospital without a car seat (even if you don’t own a car!) so I’ve had visions of Bump arriving early & not being allowed to go home & having nothing but a towel to clothe him in.

But I can sleep easy tonight. Bump, we’re ready & waiting.

Unless in the rush to get to the hospital we forget the car seat. That would be a blow.


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