Unhappy midwife

I saw the midwife today. We were off to a fantastic start: when I sat down she said, “Where have you been? We have no record of you existing. Where are your notes?” So I explained that I had moved three times, got caught in the system & finally that I’d lost my maternity file while moving house so had lost all my notes, for which I was very, very sorry.

She was not happy. I was that patient.

But all is well. Bump is engaging (head dropping into pelvis ready for the big day) & by the end of the appointment she was even laughing at how strong his kicks are.

Tonight has seen Bump’s dad ‘being a man’ & putting the pushchair together and trying to figure out how to secure a baby into said pushchair by strapping a teddy bear in. It’s been really quite amusing to watch! We got there in the end. But safe to say after a few practise rounds I never ever intend to fold the pushchair up again. Far too much effort.

20140129-103352 pm.jpg


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