Bump is getting ready…

I had what basically felt like period pains for about 30mins this evening (as every girl knows, makes for a great start to any Friday night & dinner with friends. But I can assure you, it’s an odd sensation after 8 months without a period!) but gradually it went off.

They say pain is the body’s way of signalling something to your conscious mind. Although it is usually associated with something bad happening (thanks society) it can be a good or indifferent change. E.g., when you’re six & have a wobbly tooth, it can be sensitive but it’s not bad. It’s just your body saying, ‘oi, be aware.’

Well, in that vein, I’ve got home & realised Bump has descended another inch or so. There’s now a definite 3-4 inches between Bump & my boobs. It’s slightly unnerving after having had him sat practically in my diaphragm for so long.

Also feels like eeep! He’s getting ready! 4 weeks 2 days. I’m keeping my legs firmly closed.


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