It’s nap time

The clock strikes 1 & ding! It’s official. I am on Maternity Leave. This feels rather momentous. It’s the final stretch now. Exactly one month to go until Bump’s due date.

To be frank, I’m ready to finish work. I feel rather heavy & the running for trains at Paddington was starting to be less of an annoyance (mainly at myself for perpetually leaving my commute to the final second & not giving myself any breathing space – I’ll never change) & more of an incapability. But no more. It’s over. No more jostling on the tube at rush hour, no more one & a half to two hour commutes. And naps. So many naps are planned. It’ll be naps galore! A very welcome change of pace fo’ sho’. Hello Maternity Leave!

Work have spoiled Bump & I rotten. Baby grows, books, gift vouchers, cupcakes – mmmm the cupcakes. They were delish. Nothing makes a grey & dreary day in Slough (yes, I work in the armpit of the South East) better like the Hummingbird Bakery.

It’s been a hectic final few weeks but the last few days have been lovely with words of joy, encouragement & excitement coming from every direction. (And surprise from one woman who didn’t actually know I was pregnant!) Thank you all for your generous gifts & I hope our paths will cross again.

20140123-092121 pm.jpg

Thank you all so much!



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