34 weeks & the perfect birthday present

I’m 25 today. How did this happen? I swear I’m only 20… No?

Bump’s dad has spoiled me. He greeted me at the door last night with flowers, followed by dinner & a movie of my choice (went with a solid Downton Series 1 as I’ve never seen it – don’t judge me – & wasn’t disappointed) & fresh popcorn. Followed by tea & poached eggs on toast this morning. (We’re really not morning people. We don’t usually have time for breakfast. We’re those people who snooze for 40mins to then have 20mins to get ready & have a cereal bar on the way to work.)

He also got me matching iPhone & iPad cases as sadly, when the baby comes, a case-free-life is probably not the most sensible way to go.

In other news, we had our final scan this week. Unfortunately, no photo to share as Bump is now too big to fit on a single screen but Mr. Sonographer said everything is looking as it should do. Currently an estimated 5lb 2oz. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present.

Mr. Sonographer confirmed Bump’s in the perfect birth position right now – head down, facing backwards. (This is ideal as the hardest part of Bump – his spine – is next to the squishiest part of me & vice verse. Where as if you’re ‘back-to-back’ it can be a bit more uncomfortable, so say the books.)

When we were looking at the scan notes though, we noticed Bump measured above average for his Femur (upper arm bone) & slightly below for his Humerus (lower arm bone)… Bump has lopsided arms! It’s ok. There’s still 5 1/2 weeks to go. There’s still time.


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