The Perfect Baby Shower

20140113-102023 am.jpg

Trini & Q

I’m not usually one to gush. But this weekend, two of my best mates, Trini (previously referred to as The Tall One) & Q, threw the best ever baby shower. There was baby themed charades (everything from Baby Jesus to Baby Got Back), cupcakes, bunting, blue & pink lemonade… it really was perfect.

They got everyone to sign a calendar saying when they think Bump will finally make an appearance. And The Small One had everyone write messages to Bump & I in a special Baby Shower book to remember the day. I didn’t stop smiling all afternoon.

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came. When Trini asked me for a gift list I never dreamt people would be so generous. Bump was kitted out with everything from a baby bath to a jelly fish shaped play mat to a onsie with cats in top hats on it. One of the girls even made a cake out of diapers!



And one last thing. Bump wasn’t the only one who got presents yesterday… You might remember me talking about a certain cow print onesie. Well, Q remembered & got me a cow print onsie to match Bump’s. I think you’ll agree. I’ve never looked so cool.

Now we just need to find one for Bump's dad...

Now we just need to find one for Bump’s dad…


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