Mr Sandman’s at it again

I’ve always had very vivid dreams. My mom & Bump’s dad have always been amazed at how detailed they are.

But nothing could prepare me for pregnancy dreams! They are a-whole-nother level.

Last night, I dreamt mine & Bump’s dad’s family were all in a big, old mansion house. And I went into premature labor. Great. Despite the whole family being there, there was no one around to help me give birth. But that was ok, because she (yes, a girl) was born in abt 15 mins & just slid right out. She was born with a perfect bright red bob & a cute thick fringe. And she was tiny enough to fit in your hands. (There were two subplots as well, one including a girl from my childhood & a toilet. But that’s not relevant for the purpose of this post.)

I wouldn’t mind a red haired little girl. If Bump’s a boy though (which I think he is) I think he’d be better off a chocolate brunette like me. (Bump’s dad is still clinging to hope he has a chance of a bouncing bright blond baby like him… Oh Mr Sandman, bring him a dream…)


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