Let the shopaholic free!

My various inner selves are in cahoots. (Yes, I’m fully aware that makes me sound like I have a split personality. Rest assured, I don’t. Amie, come on now, acceptance is the first step. No! I don’t. Shut up.) As I was saying, my Inner Girl Scout & the Shopaholic in me are delighted. I have officially started purchasing baby goods.

It’s been a long 7 months. Clothes shopping, it’s safe to say, lost it’s shine pretty early on in pregnancy. Shoe shopping was limited, particularly since I became confined to just my sneakers in the last month or so. Bags are kind of no go as I can carry less & less &, as a hoarder, have no purpose for smaller bags. Food shopping has become a hi-light for my poor Inner Shopaholic. She’s felt hugely deprived. And basically went into hibernation some time ago in protest.

But now Christmas is out of the way the baby shopping can begin. And my Inner Girl Scout is whispering her mantra on loop, always be prepared. So. First up, with 6 1/2 weeks to go, pack the hospital bag.

Turns out, this actually requires me to buy things. (Cue Inner Shopaholic suddenly alert & awake.) Such as maternity pads, nursing pads, diapers, wipes, tissues… To name but a few. I also thought (seeing as they were 3 for 2) miniatures for the hospital bag would be handy. I’m also running out of some basics like shampoo, etc. And I had my trusty Boots Birthday Double Points voucher… so it seemed rude not to stock up on essentials for once Bump arrives so I won’t want to be having to pop out for deodorant. Not that I think babies care how you smell. But I do. And intend to at least try & maintain a certain level of human acceptability once he arrives. (Visitors be warned. I said try. This does not mean I’ll succeed.)

20140108-101215 pm.jpg

But between the various 3 for 2’s, BOGOFs & money offs, as you can see, I got a little carried away.

I’ve never left Boots with such big carrier bags. And even with the deals I scored, I still spent £65. (I wish I could say I’ve never left Boots with such a big receipt… Make up & hair products are expensive!)

Of course, what I forgot was what I buy I have to carry. It was a long journey home.


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