I was quite vocal with my ‘no-buying-anything-at-all-baby-related-before-Christmas’ rule. I felt it was too soon before Christmas & god forbid anything should happen, I didn’t want to be surrounded by baby goodies.

Our family didn’t give us anything baby related for Christmas. They were all quite firm in giving us presents for us – “it might be your last chance!”.

But now, we’re 7 weeks to go & slowly but surely, the presents for Bump are starting to trickle in.

I met Dad & H for dinner tonight before they flew off back to Timbuktoo (not quite, but it might as well be!) & they gave us this lovely little book. It’s much more about the humour & not as soppy as most of the Baby Firsts Books out there – much more mine & Bump’s dad’s style.

20140104-095354 pm.jpgI’m starting to get really quite excited!


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