Still a Girl Scout at heart

For 6 years I was a Girl Scout. And I dutifully recited the Girl Scout’s Honour every week: always be prepared.

Clearly, this brainwashing at a young age has stuck with me. As I see it, if I read everything there is out there, then when something goes wrong (& it will) at least I’ll know how to handle it.

With only 7 weeks 3 days til D-day, there’s now another two on their way about actually raising a baby… And I’ve started a short list of toddler books for in a year’s time… Always be prepared.

20140103-010506 pm.jpg

We got most of our books second hand on eBay or Amazon for between £2-£5 each. Most of these are also available on Kindle or the iBook Store as well. We went for actual books simply so we could share them more easily. (And it was a lot cheaper in most cases to get second hand books than the ebook versions.)

FYI I’d recommend:
My Pregnancy 2013 (though now it’ll be 2014); RRP £15  White Ladder Press
– everything you need to know as a mom-to-be in one place from your bump’s week by week development to how to be maternity clothes fashion savvy; breastfeeding to relationship changes and even an in-depth discussion on the pro’s & cons of pushchair types. It’s got literally everything. Wish I’d found this book first & not bothered with the other numerous pregnancy books I have.

Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method with CD by Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed; RRP £15
– As far as I’m concerned, this is the birthing Bible for natural births. Since working through the relaxation techniques and learning the biology and science behind birthing via the Mongan Method, I’ve been much calmer about the idea of child birth & feel much more prepared. 

The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide by Rob Kemp; RRP £11
– Bump’s dad seems to have found this book useful. It covers everything from week by week development to what to do when the woman you love is swapped out temporarily for a raging, ranting hormonal mess. Also covers practical things like paternity leave, getting a manly changing bag, breast & bottle feeding & more but all from a man’s perspective. 

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy & Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy; RRP £8
– recommended to me by a friend at work. I read it in a day & it certainly provided some laughs while I was coming to terms with everything that was going on in the first twelve weeks. Not a great source of practical information like those above but nice to know others go through the same ups & downs you’re going through.  And Jenny McCarthy’s style is definitely bold & open!

We’re yet to read:
Baby Shock by Elizabeth Martyn in conjunction with the charity Relate; RRP £7.99
– recommended at a talk by Baby Centre. Relate is a charity that specialises in helping couples through difficult times & this book apparently is a great source of advice on how to deal with changes in your relationship during pregnancy & after birth.

The New Father: a dad’s guide to the first year by Armin Brott; RRP £13
– given to me by a friend at work. I’ll let you know once Bump’s dad has had a gander.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: how to calm, connect & communicate with your baby by Tracey Hogg with Melinda Blau; RRP £13
– given to me by the same friend at work. I’ll update once I’ve got round to this one.


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