So long 2013

January 1, 2013. I had a distinctly ‘off’ feeling. Like something about this year wasn’t right. Little did I know what could possibly be in store.

But as 2013 finally crawls to a close – & at the risk of jinxing 2014 – I feel as though things are finally settling down. We’ve taken everything the universe has thrown at us & then some. And still we’ve made it to Dec 31. We’re in one piece & hurtling at what now feels like full speed for the biggest adventure of our lives.

My dad has had a single catch phrase he’s repeated religiously at me over the years. Finally, 2 weeks away from 25 & after the roller-coaster year of my life, I’m starting to understand. Don’t make plans.

So in that vein, this year, I’m not making New Year’s resolutions. But there are a few things I’m hoping for;

1. A happy, healthy baby.
2. To have an uncomplicated birth.
3. To be a size 8 again by next summer’s 3 weddings!
4. For Bump’s dad & I to find a little ‘us time’ amidst the madness.
5. To enjoy my maternity leave.
6. To learn to knit (yes, you read right).
7. To find the time to & to rediscover my love of reading.
8. To not worry so much (from what I understand, this may be dead in the water before I even start as I’m becoming a parent.)

So New Year’s Fairy, if you’re listening, please cut us some slack next year & help us out. Because if what everyone says is true, we’re gunna need it!


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