31 Weeks

20131227-083735 pm.jpgAt about 41cm long & 1.5kg, Bump is now the size of a coconut. And according to the baby books, we’re headed for a growth spurt. This usually means achey muscles, sore back & pulling sensations left right & centre. Oh goodie.

The Braxton Hicks start to kick in about now too – though I felt my first around 26 weeks. So let’s all just keep our fingers crossed this doesn’t mean anything re: Bump’s arrival!

Apparently Bump can turn his head now. On Christmas Day, he seemed to sit right up into my diaphragm & stay there. So I didn’t get to indulge all that much with the dinner between next to no space for food & the heart burn this year! But Bump was super active. We could actually see him moving around, flip flopping & swivelling away.

Bump’s dad’s 6 year old sister (we’ll call her The Little Auntie) was fascinated by the whole affair. Every 5 minutes she wanted to play with him, see if he’d move for her & kept coming up to me & speaking to Bump directly; “Hello in there, this is The Little Auntie. Can you hear me?” I’m yet to have much of a broody bone kick in, but this was very cute.

Bump even got a little something to mark the festive season from his Daddy’s friends. I fully intend to find a matching onesie. Much to Bump’s dad’s dismay I’m sure!

20131227-092212 pm.jpg


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