Grandmama to be… Or not to be. That is the question

I’m back at mom’s this weekend for Christmas before we troop down to a joint Christmas with Bump’s dad’s family tomorrow – 2013, a year of firsts indeed!


As part of our Christmas tradition, this is the latest addition to our tree to mark 2013.

It’s sparked great debate of mom’s new title. I wrote of this a few months ago concluding this was all null & void as the child will eventually decide what we’re all called. But as mom pointed out, she needs a name in the interim.

There’s already two existing Grandma’s between Bump’s dad & I, so feel we need some new names. I also have a Grandmo (name is Moira or Mo, hence the oh so clever play on words since I was four.) Mom isn’t happy with Granny, Grams, Gran – anything remotely normal. (Of course. I’d expect nothing less from her.) I suggested Grandmama – a logical next step as she’s a Mama… Doesn’t like that either. She’s very picky!

This drove her to an online quiz helping you find your appropriate title. She was wholly unimpressed when it came back with ‘Grandmother: you’re the traditional kind’.

We disused various plays on her name – Skeenie (something her cousin called her when they were kids as he couldn’t to say her name), Nina, Mimi (but then we realised Bump’s dad’s family have just got a new puppy called Mimi, so she went off that).

After watching It’s A Wonderful Life this weekend, she’s decided she’ll be called Zuzu………. Only my mother could come up with something so obscure. The thing is, I know better than to argue. Just smile, nod & let her get on with it. Usually the safest approach.


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