Baby Brain: part II

It’s getting worse…

I ordered a Christmas present online & I sent it to the following address:

Company I work for
Mom’s post code

Doh! Not surprisingly, it never arrived.

And the other week, after a long day of moving house, all we wanted was a Domino’s. But instead of Pepperoni Passion I ordered New York Deli. Utter disaster! They don’t even start with the same letter! And I still have no idea how I managed it.

NB: never order New York Deli pizza. It is a crime to all pizzas. The smell alone should get it banned from the menu. Let alone the mini processed hot dog on top!

And I’ve become a complete clutz. I drop everything. It’s really very surprising my phone is still working! And baking Christmas biscuits the other day, I nearly dropped the entire tray as it came out of the oven. Thank god it landed right side up on the oven door! Or there definitely would have been tears.

All in all, I feel a shadow of my former competent self. And Bump’s dad has now taken up a very irritating habit of constantly double checking & reminding me of things. Which is what I usually have to do for him. I’m not enjoying this role reversal.


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