Any first time parent who’s been baby shopping will know, it’s daunting. The pushchairs alone, there’s hundreds to choose from. Bottles? Which brand, & natural or classic? Now, how about sleeping arrangements. Were you planning on a Moses basket, cradle, crib or cot? Or maybe a cot to bed?

Cue that blank, dazed, slightly fearful look.

Thankfully, Bump’s Grandad kindly arranged for us to have a personal shopper experience at Mothercare yesterday. And honestly, I cannot recommend it enough.

The only word to the wise I have is wear comfortable shoes & take water. We were standing & walking round the store for two hours. I had to have a nap when we got home I was so exhausted. Remember your notepad too. They throw a lot of information at you.

We didn’t actually buy anything yesterday. It was more of an advice session & store walk around so we actually understood what we were looking at & didn’t waste our time with hard-terrain-buggies rather than light-weight-city-slickers for example. We have, however, chosen our pushchair, bottles & steriliser unit & car seat. Which feels like we’ve made a good start.

Now for the sleeping arrangement debate. Shock horror, Bump’s dad & I prefer different solutions. Some things will never change.


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