Home Sweet Home

20131208-075507 pm.jpg

So. We’ve finally done it. It might have taken some extreme news to kick us into gear, but we’ve finally moved in together. So people can stop asking when we will now! It only took 4 years, 10 months & 18 days…

Within 24 hours we were all moved in & unpacked. (Definitely Bump’s dad’s influence. Not me.) & after about 3 or 4 years of house & flat shares, a few of the highlights so far include;

  1. We have an entire fridge & freezer to ourselves! (Huge plus for two who love to cook so much.)
  2. We can have ‘things’ in places other than the bedroom. The bedroom feels so clutter free & spacious!
  3. We have a spare bedroom with a proper spare bed for guests.

Draw back:

  1. In less than 3 months we won’t have any time or energy for guests as we’ll have a new baby. And no guests will want to stay. Because we’ll have a new baby. Woe.
20131209-092726 am.jpg

Being as Christmas obsessed as I am, we couldn’t move in without a little festive cheer!

Of course, you can take the boy out the lads’ pad, but you can’t take the lad out the boy… Did make me laugh though!

20131208-075516 pm.jpg


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