So long 2013

January 1, 2013. I had a distinctly ‘off’ feeling. Like something about this year wasn’t right. Little did I know what could possibly be in store.

But as 2013 finally crawls to a close – & at the risk of jinxing 2014 – I feel as though things are finally settling down. We’ve taken everything the universe has thrown at us & then some. And still we’ve made it to Dec 31. We’re in one piece & hurtling at what now feels like full speed for the biggest adventure of our lives.

My dad has had a single catch phrase he’s repeated religiously at me over the years. Finally, 2 weeks away from 25 & after the roller-coaster year of my life, I’m starting to understand. Don’t make plans.

So in that vein, this year, I’m not making New Year’s resolutions. But there are a few things I’m hoping for;

1. A happy, healthy baby.
2. To have an uncomplicated birth.
3. To be a size 8 again by next summer’s 3 weddings!
4. For Bump’s dad & I to find a little ‘us time’ amidst the madness.
5. To enjoy my maternity leave.
6. To learn to knit (yes, you read right).
7. To find the time to & to rediscover my love of reading.
8. To not worry so much (from what I understand, this may be dead in the water before I even start as I’m becoming a parent.)

So New Year’s Fairy, if you’re listening, please cut us some slack next year & help us out. Because if what everyone says is true, we’re gunna need it!


A Christmas treat

This Christmas, Bump’s dad treated me to an afternoon at The Sanctuary Spa. Complete with Sleep Retreat & Yummy Mummy massage, facial & body mask. It was divine.

I was also under orders to take something other than a baby book to read (which I haven’t done in about 6 months) so he also bought me the new James Bond novel to be sure I had one to take.

The boy did good this Christmas. Very good indeed!

20131228-115030 am.jpgFYI, best banana bread I’ve ever tasted.

31 Weeks

20131227-083735 pm.jpgAt about 41cm long & 1.5kg, Bump is now the size of a coconut. And according to the baby books, we’re headed for a growth spurt. This usually means achey muscles, sore back & pulling sensations left right & centre. Oh goodie.

The Braxton Hicks start to kick in about now too – though I felt my first around 26 weeks. So let’s all just keep our fingers crossed this doesn’t mean anything re: Bump’s arrival!

Apparently Bump can turn his head now. On Christmas Day, he seemed to sit right up into my diaphragm & stay there. So I didn’t get to indulge all that much with the dinner between next to no space for food & the heart burn this year! But Bump was super active. We could actually see him moving around, flip flopping & swivelling away.

Bump’s dad’s 6 year old sister (we’ll call her The Little Auntie) was fascinated by the whole affair. Every 5 minutes she wanted to play with him, see if he’d move for her & kept coming up to me & speaking to Bump directly; “Hello in there, this is The Little Auntie. Can you hear me?” I’m yet to have much of a broody bone kick in, but this was very cute.

Bump even got a little something to mark the festive season from his Daddy’s friends. I fully intend to find a matching onesie. Much to Bump’s dad’s dismay I’m sure!

20131227-092212 pm.jpg

Have a holly jolly Christmas

Hello blogosphere & Merry Christmas!

It’s all change here this year as it marks the first joint Christmas for Bump’s dad & I. Mom & I are driving down to his family’s this evening. 7 of us in total (his usual 15 person Christmas is not to be this year as his cousin had their second baby last weekend). It’s the biggest Christmas I’ve ever had!

But what am I most excited about? A little Christmas cheer from the NHS. While everyone else is guzzling their champers, I’ll be supping this bad boy through a straw. Thanks NHS. Appreciate the gesture. Merry Christmas me!
20131224-034459 pm.jpg

Grandmama to be… Or not to be. That is the question

I’m back at mom’s this weekend for Christmas before we troop down to a joint Christmas with Bump’s dad’s family tomorrow – 2013, a year of firsts indeed!


As part of our Christmas tradition, this is the latest addition to our tree to mark 2013.

It’s sparked great debate of mom’s new title. I wrote of this a few months ago concluding this was all null & void as the child will eventually decide what we’re all called. But as mom pointed out, she needs a name in the interim.

There’s already two existing Grandma’s between Bump’s dad & I, so feel we need some new names. I also have a Grandmo (name is Moira or Mo, hence the oh so clever play on words since I was four.) Mom isn’t happy with Granny, Grams, Gran – anything remotely normal. (Of course. I’d expect nothing less from her.) I suggested Grandmama – a logical next step as she’s a Mama… Doesn’t like that either. She’s very picky!

This drove her to an online quiz helping you find your appropriate title. She was wholly unimpressed when it came back with ‘Grandmother: you’re the traditional kind’.

We disused various plays on her name – Skeenie (something her cousin called her when they were kids as he couldn’t to say her name), Nina, Mimi (but then we realised Bump’s dad’s family have just got a new puppy called Mimi, so she went off that).

After watching It’s A Wonderful Life this weekend, she’s decided she’ll be called Zuzu………. Only my mother could come up with something so obscure. The thing is, I know better than to argue. Just smile, nod & let her get on with it. Usually the safest approach.


Any first time parent who’s been baby shopping will know, it’s daunting. The pushchairs alone, there’s hundreds to choose from. Bottles? Which brand, & natural or classic? Now, how about sleeping arrangements. Were you planning on a Moses basket, cradle, crib or cot? Or maybe a cot to bed?

Cue that blank, dazed, slightly fearful look.

Thankfully, Bump’s Grandad kindly arranged for us to have a personal shopper experience at Mothercare yesterday. And honestly, I cannot recommend it enough.

The only word to the wise I have is wear comfortable shoes & take water. We were standing & walking round the store for two hours. I had to have a nap when we got home I was so exhausted. Remember your notepad too. They throw a lot of information at you.

We didn’t actually buy anything yesterday. It was more of an advice session & store walk around so we actually understood what we were looking at & didn’t waste our time with hard-terrain-buggies rather than light-weight-city-slickers for example. We have, however, chosen our pushchair, bottles & steriliser unit & car seat. Which feels like we’ve made a good start.

Now for the sleeping arrangement debate. Shock horror, Bump’s dad & I prefer different solutions. Some things will never change.

Feeling old

Today it’s exactly 1 month to my 25th birthday. I realise I’m pregnant, & about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life & so a bit of maturity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But 25 just sounds so… old!

In one month, I won’t qualify for any young persons’ discounts. I’ll be officially half way to 30. Good god, I’ll be in ‘The Overs’ category in X Factor! I mean, that just says it all.

Under normal circumstances, this would call for some serious immaturity & mild madness over the next 30 days to counteract the impending doom. But seeing as I’m pregnant, generally suffering from aches & pains, riddled with heartburn etc, etc; I’ll settle for a Pixar film instead & a visit to the Disney store. I might even leave out some milk & cookies for Santa this year just in case…

Home Sweet Home

20131208-075507 pm.jpg

So. We’ve finally done it. It might have taken some extreme news to kick us into gear, but we’ve finally moved in together. So people can stop asking when we will now! It only took 4 years, 10 months & 18 days…

Within 24 hours we were all moved in & unpacked. (Definitely Bump’s dad’s influence. Not me.) & after about 3 or 4 years of house & flat shares, a few of the highlights so far include;

  1. We have an entire fridge & freezer to ourselves! (Huge plus for two who love to cook so much.)
  2. We can have ‘things’ in places other than the bedroom. The bedroom feels so clutter free & spacious!
  3. We have a spare bedroom with a proper spare bed for guests.

Draw back:

  1. In less than 3 months we won’t have any time or energy for guests as we’ll have a new baby. And no guests will want to stay. Because we’ll have a new baby. Woe.
20131209-092726 am.jpg

Being as Christmas obsessed as I am, we couldn’t move in without a little festive cheer!

Of course, you can take the boy out the lads’ pad, but you can’t take the lad out the boy… Did make me laugh though!

20131208-075516 pm.jpg

Moving Day (again)

Growing up, we moved around lot. And because we lived in various different countries, we usually rented. At age 24, not including Uni housing, I’ve had 17 homes.

And it looks like Bump is going to follow in my footsteps as yesterday we moved into our new home with Bump’s dad. Three homes in 6 months & he’s not even born. That’s pretty impressive even by my standards.

This year, I’ve moved house 3 times – 4 times in the last 16 months. This is a new record, even for my family! Let’s hope this one’s for keeps.

Now to get nesting…