Oh to be a sea horse

I’ve had enough. The cramp & aching in my hips now prevents me from sleeping longer than an hour at a time, which results in me nearly in tears by 8am – from the pain or lack of sleep I’m not sure.

Everyone jokes that you kiss good bye to sleep once you have a baby & you surprise yourself by how well you can function on so little sleep for so long. What everyone fails to add is that that actually starts before the baby arrives & that you shouldn’t expect to sleep from about 4 or 5 months into your pregnancy.

I’m exhausted. I’ve never functioned well without my sleep & this is like extreme jet lag mixed with some cruel sleep-snatcher who wakes you up every hour. I’m genuinely beginning to wonder how I’ll cope by the time the baby gets here. I’ll be delirious with months of lack of sleep as it is & everyone keeps telling me it only gets worse.

Safe to safe I’m not in a happy place this morning. Especially as Bump’s dad doses happily beside me. [Insert mildly murderous thoughts here.].

I remember learning at school that male sea horses actually carry the pregnancy after a certain point & take care of the birthing bit. I wish we were sea horses. Then Bump’s dad could bear some of the brunt of this for a while for me!


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